Хозяин тысяч маленьких вещей
My little lunar friends, they are always hiding in the grass, among the trees and the mountains, boldly hurrying to the banks of oceans and seas.
I am always with them and they are always with me. I would like people who look at my illustrations to feel the sun's heat in their hearts, to hear
the clatter of my characters' little feet , fleeing to the salty sea, smell the dusty cold tulips and warm lavender sunset.
Every single picture is a whole story for me, important apart and on it's own.
Life is like a party popper, and I am the main confetti circle there
Пушистые лунные шарики перекатываются по моим ногам, затихают в карманах. Иногда шушукаются там, устраиваются удобнее, я тогда осторожнее иду, чтобы они не стукались друг об друга.
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