outside space
These are different projects to interact with you in the outside spaces. Finding any of them is like finding a Christmas gift, and gift giving is one of the love languages. So this is all about love.
The Ava bird
Reflection on a loss of my parrot: she flew out of the window and we have never seen her again. To process this loss I have made polaroid cards, as she has not disappeared forever, but just went to travel and sent us her pictures.
I fell in love and I am scared
It is so beautiful, but so scary to fall in love. I found someone who makes my heart beat faster, and I am scared now.
"I am good for you" sticker
It is so scary to fall in love nowadays and open your heart, because you can get into a situationship. Where having feelings is a problem, where the person doesn't choose you a 100%, he picks you, but you stay in limbo forever. Not single, not taken, in love, but not in love, with someone, but alone. It's similar to selecting fruit and vegetables: you take apples and they forever wait for your attention in the fridge. Taken, but not really. This is the sticker that says "I'm good for you"- so pick me, choose me, love me. Because I'm good for you, and I deserve more than being left on hanging.
Bookshop exhibition in Pisogne
Mural in the Budapest bar and cultural center
MOME Budapest
It's a heartbreak leaving your homecountry which has become terrorist overnight. I left Russia, but I can't ask for help as a refugee: I am not Ukranian, there are different rules for me. I could not apply for the late semester call and stay with a student visa.
So I printed 100 posters and sticked them to the stairs of MOME-Budapest Art University. I did this so my voice could be heard as well. Ukraine is not the only one to suffer from this war: millions of people have lost their future, so did i.
The House canvas on Monte Isola island
Lots of people have lost their homes due to war nowadays. I have a house, but not a home. Here is a canvas you can adopt: give it a home and we all will be fine.
The House canvas in Brescia
The House canvas in Budapest
The House canvas in Budapest
The House canvas in Bologna
The House canvas in Florence
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